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MARK NEWBY is a Solicitor Advocate specialising in Criminal Law and has been practising since 1993. He heads up QS Jordans Miscarriage of Justice and Crime Team, as well as offering assistance in complex civil litigation.
He has been involved in putting right a large number of miscarriage of justice cases, standing up for those who have
suffered an injustice. He is recognised as a specialist in defending false allegations with a particular interest in complex institutional care home enquiries.

VICTOR NEALON was jailed for life after being found guilty of attempted rape. He served a total of 17 years until DNA proved that someone else had committed the crime. Victor, a former postman, could have been released after seven years but was rejected for parole because he refused to accept guilt or undergo rehabilitation to address his “crime”. The evidence used to secure his conviction was a disputed ID parade and a weakened alibi.

He continues to be denied compensation.



Is former head of the National Fingerprint service of the Netherlands and one of Europe’s leading fingerprint experts.


ARIE has given evidence in some of Europe’s most high profile cases.

Included in his many honours and awards is a lifetime achievement for contributions to forensic science



of The Forensic Institute has provided written evidence and advice in over 1000 criminal cases in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Republic of Ireland, USA, New Zealand, Cyprus, New Zealand, and Australia.


‘Over a thousand cases a year are referred to the CCRC of which an overwhelming number have forensic evidence as an issue in the case.’

Prof Jamieson has a forthright approach often amusing and the opportunity to have access to someone with his knowledge and standing is rare.

JAMES CAIRNS is a postgraduate student at the University of Sheffield. He completed his law degree in July 2015 and is now studying International Law and Global Justice at Sheffield. 

James is a case manager of the University of Sheffield Miscarriage of Justice Review Centre and has a particular interest in overturning wrongful conviction and ensuring that justice is accessible to all.


Commissioner DAVID JAMES SMITH and Case Review Manager JOHN CURTIS are returning to Liverpool this year for the United Against Injustice Annual Conference.

David and John will lead a workshop during the morning where you will find out how the CCRC works. As guest speakers in the afternoon you can follow up on that workshop. There will be an opportunity for questions and answers.

MICK GEEN will speak about his son Ben Geen a nurse, who was jailed for 30 years for murdering two patients and seriously harming 15 others yet new evidence suggests that no crime ever took place.

Mick will present an overview of the case , where they are with the CCRC and his insight into how evidence can be twisted and manipulated to make the glove fit.



​ANDY TOWNSEND OF FOOTPRIINT  INVESTIGATIONS  served thirty years with West Midlands Police, again many years as a CID officer where he gained has a wealth of hands on experience of both covert and evidential cell site analysis. Following his retirement he has worked for the last seven years within the cell site industry offering advice, support and development to law enforcement agencies and criminal defence practitioners throughout the country.



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