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Eileen Turnbull, Researcher and Secretary of the Shrewsbury 24 Campaign supporting the Claimants, said:

On International Workers’ Day we are delighted to inform all our supporters that we have won a crucial victory in our long struggle to overturn the convictions of the Shrewsbury 24.
Yesterday, 30th April 2019, halfway through the Judicial Review hearing in the Birmingham Administrative Court, the Criminal Cases Review Commission agreed to withdraw its previous decision not to refer the pickets’ cases to the Court of Appeal. The CCRC has agreed that it will now reconsider the case.
This is a magnificent success. We are one step nearer to achieving our goal of justice for the pickets. The Shrewsbury 24 Campaign has worked tirelessly over the past 13 years. Today's result is a testament to all our hard work and the support from the labour movement.

As well as meticulous research techniques, Eileen Turnbull is an expert on the workings of the CCRC you must not miss what she has to say.

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MICHELLE FEATHERis the mother of Andrew Feather who maintains that he was wrongly convicted of nothing more than a police theory under a 300-year-old Joint Enterprise law.

Michelle Feather and Andrew Feather  state:

“We’ve always believed Andrew is not guilty.

“It’s on our mind 24/7, from the moment we get up to the moment we go to bed, but we always want to look for more evidence.”

On the night in question, a proven detailed statement of Andrews whereabouts was given.
There was no DNA.
The police stated that it was gang-related yet could not place Andrew as part of a gang.
Andrew was used as a Scapegoat because the real get-away driver could not be found.
Andrew was sentenced to 26 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.


MIKE NAUGHTON  will talk about statement analysis and wiil give an example of evidenced failings by police/cps and how he build a case for the client.


Covering the UK, Lewis Legal Miscarriages of Justice Investigations UK  are one of the UK's  professional Miscarriages of Justice Investigation firm, choosing to specialise in Miscarriages of Justice and evidence gathering for CCRC applications, Pre-trial hearings and at the point immediately post arrest, Private Prosecutions, providing professional, discrete and confidential results, whether your case centres around a criminal (pretrial or post trial) or civil matter. 

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Jane will tell us about the case of her friend Robin Garbutt

Robin Garbutt is convicted of the murder of his wife Diana Garbutt.

His supporters say that this is a miscarriage of justice, and they raise many issues regarding the police investigation. Alibi evidence, unidentified DNA, blood spatter inconsistencies, forensic evidence that has gone missing, cross contamination and much more. Take a look at the link below, this could be you, hear more from Jane at the conference.

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MICK GEEN'S son Ben Geen a nurse, was jailed for 30 years for murdering two patients and seriously harming 15 others yet new evidence suggests that no crime ever took place.                   


Mick says: I’m pleased to have been asked to speak at this years United Against Injustice conference. I will be giving an update regarding Bens wrongful conviction and our struggle to get the CCRC to refer Bens case back to the CoA. For the first time in public I will be speaking about the shocking CCRC decision not to refer Bens case back to the CoA, the legal action that we then took against the CCRC following their refusal and where we stand now almost 4 years later and in our 7th year of waiting at at the CCRC. It’s time that people started speaking more frankly and more openly about their negative experiences with the failing miscarriage of justice watchdog. The Criminal Cases Review Commission.

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JANET CUNLIFFE is the mother of Jordan Cunliffe one of three boys given life sentences for the killing of Garry Newlove, even though the then 15-year-old did not lay a finger on the victim.
Jordan Cunliffe was walking home from the chip shop when a neighbour mistook his group of friends as vandals.
He challenged the children and after an altercation he received one significant blow to his neck and died 2 days later.
Jordan who was just 15 years old did NOT take part in any vandalism, argument or the spontaneous attack that lasted just a few seconds.
Jordan did not witness the attack as he is BLIND.
He is now serving a 12-year Life sentence along with 2 other co-defendants.
Jordan was convicted under the law of joint enterprise, the Chester Crown Court jury believing that as he was part of the gang that killed Mr Newlove and did nothing to stop the attack, he was equally culpable.
Janet Cunliffe, is calling for the scrapping of “guilt by association”, and continues to protest her son’s innocence.
Part of it hinges on Jordan’s poor eyesight. He suffers from a degenerative condition called keratoconus and now medics from a hospital in Glasgow have taken images of the murder scene and manipulated them so that they give an estimation of what Jordan’s view would have been based on his medical records. Only vague shapes can be made out.


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